Saturday, August 20, 2011

Next up: The little bedroom

The next painting project is the littlest bedroom.  This is one of my favorite rooms, since it has two leaded glass windows to complement the downstairs window in the door.  I have not been great with capturing the before, but here are some before/in progress pictures of the bright turquoise paint:


Max considered himself a big help in the painting process.  I got sick of taping, and decided to try to cut nearly everything in by hand.  I think this first coat went fairly well - we will see about the next!  Next step is to buy the color today, and wrap this up!

Before's and afters

The dining room before.... (not our furniture)...

The diningroom with a new coat of blue and white.   Currently our little kitchen table is bravely trying to fill up the space with it's two little chairs, so I am searching for a dinging room table.  I can't decide what style set to get - any ideas?

The master bedroom before (again, not our furniture...)

And after with a coat of Behr's Silver Charm in flat finish...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quick Shine

My cousin told me about this for wood floors, and it is amazing.  It took our great, but I-wish-it-was-a-little-shinier floors and gave them a nice, medium gloss.  The cat is the only one who doesn't like it - he is hanging out in the bathroom until it dries.  : )