Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grown up Furniture

Our red sofas have lived a good life - both were hand me downs when Shawn and I recieved them, and we have lived with them for over a decade each.  With the red slipcovers, they were a fun way to put more color in the boring beige apartments.  Of course, I never took a formal 'before', but this is a sample of the couch in action:

And here is the 'after', with the new couches from Crate & Barrel.  (You can also see the new roman shades I made in the background). 
I was worried I would miss the color, but it turns out the white really blends into the room and makes it seem a lot more cohesive - especially since it picks up the white from the dining room. 
Between the curtains and the couches, the living room has made a big change over the past year.  I made the curtains by piecing together a few do-it-yourself instructions on my great-aunt's antique Singer sewing machine. 

Max, of course, was a big help testing out both curtains and couch.


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