Monday, August 5, 2013

Just a little bit behind...

So I am a little behind on my projects...again.

I seem to have a continuing problem with starting projects and not finishing them. 

As a quick update, I have been busy for the past few weeks with lots of non-house and project related things - work, a vacation, and a cold.  And I have made some progress!  After pulling out of the drive each morning looking at the overgrown weeds in my ivy, I finally gave the entire area a much-needed haircut today.  It was only a fast chop - it really needs much more cutting and shaping - but at least it no longer looks like that part of the yard had been completely neglected this summer.  I also did some weeding in other places of the year. 

Last week I spent Sunday trimming the forsythia and the hostas away from the deck for the deck repair (at least mostly), and last Saturday I coerced Shawn into helping me move several boxes of junk out of the spare bedroom so we (I) could begin pulling up the carpet.  So there has been some progress, even if it has made the rest of the upstairs look like a refugee camp.


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