Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Christmas Cookie Trials: Fruitcake Cookies

I am trying out new cookie recipes for Christmas.  This one is beautiful!

These are Ina Garten's fruitcake cookies, with the pecans & apricots substituted into the recipe from "Barefoot Contessa at Home".   I got the substitution from the recipe online.  I just kind of eyeballed the ounces of fruit and nuts, and substituted Moscato for the dry sherry.  I did use baking raisins (they come in smaller packs, and are moister - and I think they were really good for these since the cookie is so dense), and maraschino baking cherries because I couldn't find any candied cherries. 

It was beautiful and smelled just like fruitcake.
The cloves are the only spice, and the batter smells amazing.

I let the first batch brown a bit too much (I blame the 'golden brown' instuctions - really, the edges of the cookie should have just barely browned. 

They are so pretty with the cherries and apricots. 

Merry Christmas in October,

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