Saturday, December 28, 2013

A sleepy holiday weekend

Not much is happening around here this weekend - Shawn is sick, and I just stayed around town cleaning a bit and looking online and in stores for white bookcases.  No luck.  We will try Elder's tomorrow if he feels better - I am striking out completely on Craigslist.

So instead I bring you pictures of Christmas.

Max & Turk enjoying their elf mice.

Another shot of my new ornaments.

The Presbyterian Church, decked out for the holidays.

This little beauty, enjoying Christmas Eve at my Mom's.

Grandparents, getting into the holiday spirit on Christmas Eve...

And Christmas Day!

And Turk lounging on my new red throw...

and wondering what part of the tree to snack on next. 

I really think we should bring back the twelve nights celebrations, and stretch out the Christmas parties through January 6th.  Six days is not enough.  : )

Hoping your Christmas is Merry & Bright,

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