Sunday, November 16, 2014

Decorating the dining room

The dining room has taken 3.5 years to come together...  It took 9 months to find the right table and chairs on craigslist ( and another few years to get the chairs reglued - "Richie", described by my husband as chain smoking, shellac covered, with a garage full of furniture is taking care of that now!), and another 6 months for the right china cabinet.  My mother gifted us with her old magnavox case out of her dining room, and she and my grandmother loaned me a china cabinet this summer.

The china cabinet is a bit too big, and will likely continue on to my mother's house, but it is here to stay for awhile.  I'd like to hang up some decorations on the walls, but haven't decided just what.  A big picture of Shawn and I, several little pictures in sepia or black and white, wood frames, white, or silver?  Or use one wall for a pretty plate display or silver platters to brighten up the space?

I found this little, pitted silver plate tray this weekend for 5 dollars, and am loving how it pops against the blue wallpaper.  The yellowed thermostat does nothing for any of this, but... It was convenient & the lighting is bad right now anyways. I'm off to try to build a collection now....  

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