Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Challenge

If you know Shawn, you know he talks about food...a lot.
Every day.

He keeps track of restaurants I have never heard of, food trends (the cronut? really?), chefs and above all, sandwiches. Those he has made, those he has eaten, and those he hopes to eat. If he were this passionate about running instead of restaurants, I would be a size two. But I digress...

So here is the challenge. Shawn said a few times he wanted to be a food writer... but you need experience for that kind of thing. I, high on a constant diet of shelter blogs and pinterest, saw an opportunity: if you want to write, you need experience writing. And that is cheap and easy on a blog.

Start writing, Shawn. I am waiting for fame and a steady diet of comp'd appetizers. : )

And a way to rationalize being talked into this madness:

I'm off to run.


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