Saturday, November 2, 2013

Freezer Cooking Part 2: Sunday Night Stew

A while back I mentioned that I had made the Pioneer Woman's chili, which turned out very well.  The next recipe I tried was her Sunday Night Stew, found here with delicious looking pictures. 

I thought it was amazing.  The recipe was pretty simple, overall - brown the meat, then stew, add cooked vegetables, and enjoy.  The long stewing time made it a little ambitious for a weeknight (I was up until 10), but I knew when I started that I was making it to freeze. 

My stew did now get as thick as hers, and the sauce was not as rich a color as the pictures, but it was delicious.  As promised, it froze well and tasted even better later on. 

Next time I am going to brown the meat more, which I think will help deepen the color of the broth. 

I can't say that this was a total crowd pleaser - Shawn was only moderately impressed by the addition of parsnips.  I am not sure I am a huge fan of parsnips, in general, but I do think I like it in the stew.  They are a very different taste - very rooty and a little sweet.  After freezing, the parsnip flavor mellows and blends with the stew, and it becomes even better overall. 


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