Sunday, February 16, 2014

Extra dining room chairs from Craigslist

My dining room table came with 4 chairs - two are perfect, one needs to be reglued, and one needs to be reglued and repaired.

I reupholtered them early on (except for the one that needs to be repaired) with some pretty blue fabric from JoAnn's.  I bought several yards, because I knew I would eventually want more chairs, and wanted to be able to reupholster them so they matched. 

I have had trouble finding other chairs with the circle design on the back (which I love), so when I saw some flowered Duncan Phyfe style chairs on Craigslist I picked them up. 

They are a bit looser than I would have liked, but I think they will be fine without regluing for occassional chairs.    I think they fit in fairly well, with the matching seats.  Hopefully, one day I can find some that match my original chairs exactly. 


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