Thursday, February 6, 2014

An Iron Bed

I found these pictures on pinterest - this one is a vintage iron bed, and the other is a Laura Ashley, only available in Britain.  The "Somerset Cream Bed" is listed on Apartment Therapy as "Beds We'd Love to Own", and selling for about 2000 pounds. 

Then I found this:

Notice any similarities?

I bought it from Sears, in US dollars, for a fraction of the cost of the Laura Ashely.  I am going to spray paint it bright white. 

It shipped in four days, and is now set up on my bed.  I only got the headboard, as the room is not huge and I like having the bottom of the bed open to collapse on after work. 

I will paint it as soon as it warms up outside.  I usually don't find great bargains, but I am pretty impressed with this one.


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