Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My cat is a pervert...& other fun stories

I came home yesterday evening to a trail of undergarments winding their way through my hallway, inching their way towards the stairs. Except they weren't a romantic invitation.  They were my panties.  I was just home from work.  My husband was still across town. And  I don't have a secret boyfriend.

I do have a cat, though, and he is a pervert.

We rarely see Turk with his treasures.  He prefers to steal my socks, undies, and tights out of the hamper when no one is looking.  They disappear and reappear suddenly:  one morning, a pair of tights is draped languidly across the living room floor; a dirty sock is placed lovingly on a basement step.  Not that he is ashamed of his actions - the few times we have seen him, he carries his head high and holds his trophy like a flag.  When it's time to nap, we often find him curled up on used towels on the bathroom floor.  He loves dirty laundry.

I just wish he would stop carrying my underwear around.

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