Sunday, April 12, 2015

Eating around STL

The truth is, we eat out too much.  Apart, together, we just don't cook often.  I think a Shawn ought to write a food blog to document his passion for sandwiches; since he doesn't, I occasionally do.

Up first this weekend was Sugarfire -  I went with a friend on Saturday.  This is an old favorite, and did not disappoint.  I got the turkey plate with the greenbeens & squash, and the roasted cauliflower.  All  were amazing - especially the cheesy roasted cauliflower.  I basically use BBQ as a delivery system for excellent BBQ sauces, and Sugarfire has the best.

Shawn and I later went to San Jose in Webster, which is in the old Two Nice Guys.  I gut the quesadilla al pastor, Shawn got the pollo Guadalajara, and we started off with the guacamole dip.  

The guacamole was disappointing - it was basically mashed up avocados and a little onion.  The avocados were old - they had obviously gone too ripe, with gray and fibrous areas.  I won't do it again.  The salsa was spicy with a hit pepper taste and a smooth, saucey texture that was nice.

The pork al pastor was a highlight, with big chunks of pork and pineapple.  Next time I'll get the tacos - the quesadilla cheese only distracted from the great meat.  Shawn loved his chicken, smothered in chorizo & cheese.  

The accompanying beans and rice were your standard generic fare.  Our service was friendly and fun.  We'll be back for tacos al pastor.

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