Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mirror, mirror

When we moved in, I put my silver mirror above the fireplace.  I bought this mirror at Hobby Lobby to hang over the sofa in my first apartment, and I love it.  It is beveled, heavy, and has travelled with me for the last ten years from that first place, to the apartment Shawn and I lived in after we were married, to the new house.    Here it is with last year's Halloween decorations:

I was hoping to get a fun, heavy, geometric white mirror for this space, to play off of the white trim.  I am in love with the Casbah mirror several people have blogged about, but had to give up after searching on Amazon, Ebay, and calling the manufacturer with no luck.

So I kept looking, and not finding anything, when my Mom sent me a picture of an gold mirror and a question mark.  It was meant to be - we were heading back to my hometown to a BBQ the next day, the mirror was at least $100 less what it would cost to buy something that was a similar size new, and after we bought it we discovered it fit perfectly across the back seat.  It rode with us to the BBQ, then home. 

My problem was how to best hang it on my old plaster - it weighs a ton! - and I needed to add hardware to hang it vertically  But here it is, in its new place:

I thought about painting it to play off the trim, but I rearranged the mantle to have some gold accents and now I think it blends in better.   If I change my mind, I may just go back on the hunt for a white mirror and put this one in the spare bedroom - it is so pretty in gold. 



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