Monday, July 8, 2013

The 364 Project Challenge

You can make new year's resolutions in July, right?

I was looking around the house yesterday (with the help of my husband, who pointed out that everything was a mess/he was the only one who cleans.  Silly boy.  He claims I need to help.  I think we should accept the reality that this will not happen and budget for a maid.  Stay tuned as the debate rages on...) 


I was looking around my house, and realized that too many of my good intentions had ended up as half-done projects.  The guest bedroom that still has one purple wall and a yellow window, while the rest is light teal and white.  The bathroom with the pale purple walls and the dark teal (ironic, isn't it?) patch in the corner where it is hard to paint.  The baseboards float above the flooring because I never bought moulding, and there is a patch of carpet I cut around because I gave up trying to yank it up.  Then there is the blog that never quite got written...

It paints a lovely picture, doesn't it?

So I am starting the 364 Project Challenge - a project a day, to fix, improve, organize, and just FINISH some of these things. 

I gave up on self-displine after my dissertation, so this ought to be interesting.  Today's project - the yellow window. 

There were originally two yellow windows and two yellow doors.  The trim was only spared because the previous owners, while enthusiastic, where not completely delusional. The doors and one window are almost complete - just a few yellow patches that will be another day's project.  Today's project is this window - the most yellow.  An hour and a fifteen minutes and probably way too many paint fumes later:

Day 1, Project 1 - Completed.
(On seeing the picture above, I should really add photography as a project...)



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