Thursday, July 11, 2013

Project #4: In which we make a neglected pig's ear...into a pleather purse

This is the shelf just inside the door of our bedroom, to the right of my closet:

It looks to me like someone had a really beautiful idea in their head that just didn't quite translate to reality. It is oddly shaped, oddly placed, and bright, glossy white.  This shelf has spent most of its life with me as the magical place where dry cleaning tickets, safety pins, thread, and random photos sit.  It has also done an admirable stint as a home for things the cat tried to eat that could kill him - tacks, hair bands, nails, and the odd chunk of plaster dust.  (You offer Max a piece of banana, and he stares at it like it is poison.  Thumb tacks, on the other hand, are like fresh tuna...)

The people before us used it to store books, and while it didn't exactly make the set up into the "built ins" promised in the listing, it did make it look like someone was trying. 

So, I decided to dig out some of my favorite books and fix it up for project #4.  The dust was intense. 

It turned out pretty, I think.   Although when I told Shawn that Jane Austen was now in our bedroom, he started belting out "Somewhere" (There's a place for me).  He says his ice flow is melting, but he still has an ice flow.  And that I need to get my stuff out of his basement.  : P

I also discovered more painting. Somewhere, some genius painted all the shelves white...but the top one.  No, you can't see the dingy off-white paint, but the part of my brain with selective OCD is really bugged by that (The empty cups I leave all over the house, though - totally fine with those.  They could stay there for weeks.)

At least Max will be glad we're painting again.

Yours in dust,

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