Friday, July 12, 2013

Project #5: Christmas in July

This Christmas my grandmother gifted Shawn and I with a fire pit.  My mom ordered it online (stars and moons, as requested), stored it, and delivered it in January. 

It has been sitting in our basement ever since, next to the treadmill.  Both mock me each time I go into the basement...until tonight. 

As always, Max assisted.

There were no directions, but luckily you can't get too far off base given that there were fewer than 20 parts, and they were helpfully labled. 

Seriously - no one thought this was kind of a no-brainer?  I really think if you can't figure out that this is the fire poker...maybe you shouldn't have a fire pit.  Or handle matches without adult supervision.

What would have been helpful, though, would be if I had remembered that my kitchen doorways are both unusually narrow and hard to move things through.  And that I needed to go through them to get out to the deck.

I took the fire pit out the front door and and carried it around the house to the back. 

I blame it on the s'mores. 


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