Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Project # 2: Why yes, I am cutting ivy in 90 degree heat...

So my second project was going to be to straighten up the desk next to our door, but I was sidetracked by the yard.  This has happened all summer - which is why my entire front yard is covered with flowers, but my two spare bedrooms look like a flea market exploded.  I have been glaring at the ivy ground cover that sits in a semi-circle behind the driveway for a few weeks now.  Everything has been growing like crazy, and it had completely overtaken the little stone wall it is supposed to sit on top of.  So it got a little trim today around the wall.  I still need to cut and weed the top of it, but at least it isn't trailing down the drive like it is trying to make a run with the yard....

No pictures - it's really only slightly better looking immediately after a trim than it is overgrown.  I started out doing light trims, and after two years I've realized that if you don't hack it back it is overgrown again the next morning. 

My next project of the night has to be reading Plainsong for book club - it's tomorrow, and I haven't even cracked the book.

Currently doubling as a mosquito smorgasbord,

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