Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Project #3: Because there was a traffic jam after Home Depot...

I did not intend to finish painting the teal bedroom today - I was thinking of a smaller project to go with book club.  But book club was cancelled due to our host's illness, and the traffic was snarled up right after the turn to Home Depot. So I had no choice but to go in in my work dress and 3-inch heels and order paint.

Four hours and way too many fumes later, the bedroom wall went from this:

To this:

The color is Behr Delicate Mist in Flat.  True color is much closer to the top picture, with natural light, than the bottom.

Unfortunately, the cat snuck in while I was painting and is now way too mellow.  I threw him out of the room at one point, and he just kept crying to get back in. 

I hope he isn't developing a problem. There are only a few things left that need paint!

Anyone know if there is a cat AA group?

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